Guyana Tragedy — The Story of Jim Jones (1980) HQ? High Pitch Reduced! (With REAL subtitles!)

High quality, degraded film. (Oxymoron) Of the excellent TV movie «Guyana Tragedy — The Story of Jim Jones.» (Looks better than other YT versions, except for a once scene at the end for about 3 seconds. The frames/film jump/skip)
With stars like Powers Boothe, LeVar Burton and Brad Dourif! Even James Earl Jones!

Don’t be fooled by the intermission @ 1:34:45 …
Part 2 Starts @ 1:35:47. This isn’t the same movie, twice.

This is NOT the version with water-marks. This is a copy of degraded film. It still has a high pitch, which I attempted to remove… But I couldn’t entirely, without losing the dialogue, or distorting the audio too much.

Depending on your device speakers/headphones, you may still hear high gain or «buzzing» when people shout. If you have good headphones you will still hear the ringing… I did my best to equalize the audio, without reducing the volume.

Sorry, if your speakers/headphones are garbage/too good. And cause the «boom» or «buzz» on your device.

I did my best and I tested it with 4 different sound devices. 5.1, T.V. , 15 year old laptop speakers and studio headphones. (5.1 and T.V. sound fine. Craptop has high gain, and the studio headphones show how bad I am at editing audio, you can hear everything…)

I hope someone enjoys the time and effort, I put into making proper subtitles and semi-corrected audio, for this film!

A 3 hour movie, with bad audio, after equalizing it. Takes a long time to correct the A.I.
And fill in the gaps it missed/made mistakes. «Like: Toilet manners, instead of Toil and matters.» :D

Enjoy the CC/Subtitles I made! ;) Download them on «» and sync them with the ringy version if that suits you better.

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